1 Corinthians

The book of First Corinthians is the first of two letters that are included in the New Testament of the Bible that were written by Paul the apostle to the church in Corinth. Paul wrote this letter from Ephesus around a.d. 55. At the time, Corinth was a busy seaport in Greece, plagued by sexual immorality and pagan beliefs. Worship of Aphrodite gave way to rampant prostitution in the name of religion. The struggling church in Corinth was not immune to these dark influences.

Paul has received the disturbing news and in this letter he gives instruction regarding those aspects of the church in Corinth that need attention and correction. He speaks of division, immorality, the use of pagan courts, false resurrection teachings, Holy Communion, and challenges to his authority. He also answers questions that he has apparently received in a previous letter.